Crafts & Floral

Spring Fling & Magazines

I LOVE to read, but sometimes, like my five and three year old little boys, I just want to look at pictures!

And for the same reason that I still go to the book store and buy books…I still buy magazines! Whenever I come home with a Kroger bag full, my husband always laughs at me, and says…”You know you can just look up that stuff online, right?!”

But I don’t care!! I love to curl up on the porch as I flip through the glossy pages, smell the ink and paper, feel the weight in my hands, and dog ear all of my favorite designs!

So if you need something to curl up with…the spring issues of my favorite magazines are on the stands, and they are packed with fun ideas! What inspires your decor choices?!


Bottom of the Barrel

Rummaging through the “discount” flower barrels again…and found these beauties smushed in the bottom! They needed a bit of clipping and fluffing, but put together with their counterparts…they are beautiful! I also love the frosted vintage style green vase I saw at last minute! You can’t go wrong with Hydrangeas at Easter y’all!

Today’s challenge…find something discarded and left to whither away into oblivion…and MAKE IT SHINE once more!