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Welcome to the daily inspiration page…this is where I divvy out small little nuggets of daily motivation, thought provoking ideas, and soulful wisdom! The purpose of this page, just like this blog, is simple…my goal is to start your day out on a positive note! Enjoy!

My Best, and As Always…Live Happily, be Leisurely!

xoxo~ Tara Rae

CC2EB10B-34E1-4A48-94E7-FABE0CA92F05A Thursday thought…have you ever felt like one of those carnival games where you hit the gopher on the top of the head with the mallet every time the gopher comes back up out of the hole? It’s hard to be that gopher…to keep coming back up with a smile when it seems like the day is determined to hit you over the head with a mallet. We have ALL been there…we get past one thing, and there is another mishap waiting in the wings. But remember, the WAY that you face the day is not determined by the mallet…it is determined by you…have your moment, breathe, and soldier on. We all get overwhelmed…and we are ALL allowed to feel overwhelmed, but we must then take a step back, and be like that little gopher in the carnival machine…come back for more, stronger than before! I hope that wherever you are in the world…you don’t let any negativity you face today extinguish your sunshine…shine on, and know that it’s just one bad day, one bad moment…just one…out of an infinite number of better ones!



Your past does NOT define you, your present, or your future! No matter how big or small…we all have things in our past that could hold our current lives hostage if we let it…don’t! Know that while your history will always be a part of your life, you do not have to give it the power to determine who you will be or what you will achieve. Today is November 1st…that means that it’s a new month, a fresh start, and the perfect opportunity to make new promises to yourself! What do you need to let go of? What do you need to walk away from? Let this month be the month that you do it! Stay positive, appreciate yourself, and know that you are stronger than anything you have faced! Have a fabulous day!


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Friday feels! There is a lot of meanness in this world, but I would like to think that, despite what we hear, there is actually a LOT more kindness and good. Remember…everyone has their own set of problems and their own battles they are fighting…maybe their behavior is a byproduct of their situation and the hard time they are facing. When we feel ourselves losing patience or starting to judge the people around us…make a conscious effort to stop feeling annoyed or passing judgment…instead, be kind…stop and listen…show that person that you are there and that you care. If we do this, it may ultimately help them be well…and we will all be better for it. You can never be too kind to those around you…so today, bring your kindness to someone who needs it.


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Monday Mantra! As women…how many times do we tear ourselves down, how many times do we beat ourselves up for not being “perfect”…trying to be the perfect wife and the perfect mom, trying to have the perfect body, trying to maintain the perfect career?! Reality check to all my ladies out there…NO ONE you know is perfect…regardless what they may portray. We are ALL human, we all have days when we totally lose at one or more of the roles we play in life. We HAVE to give ourselves A BREAK! It is enough to be “good at life” most of the time, we don’t have to achieve perfection. Realistic perfection, however, is achievable…you will achieve this perfection when you can give yourself the love you deserve while understanding that you are going to make mistakes along the way! Wherever you are in the world…embrace all that you are and all your beautiful imperfections! Have a fabulous day!


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Friday Feels! I wake up every day, and go to “work” on this dream of mine! It’s not a part-time gig, it’s not a 8am-5pm gig…I have, admittedly, spent around 14-16 hours a day (mostly into the wee hours of the night) working on shopping my first novel, writing my second novel, creating a podcast, and maintaining a blog. I have taught myself new tech programs and web-based tools. I have written every word, designed every logo…it’s a lot of work. No one will ever know how many hours I have spent chasing this dream. BUT…that’s the point…it doesn’t matter how much time I have spent trying to make this dream come true…it’s just what you do. If we want our dreams to become a reality, we have to treat it like our job! You have to be dedicated enough to the dream, you have to put in the time…nothing worth having ever came easy. So whatever you are trying to achieve…whether it’s a dream or a lifestyle change, whether it’s starting a new business or building a new house…treat it like your job! When life tries to interfere with your schedule, adjust life, so that you can still achieve everything you have sought out to achieve! EVERYONE has the power in them to achieve the things they have always wanted! Your dreams are waiting for you…what do you need to do to make it happen? Have a fabulous weekend!


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A Thursday Thought! We have ALL been there…you meant to call a friend today, you will respond to that text message when you have a minute to think, you will schedule a lunch when you have time to eat…we are ALL busy! But here is the thing…we never know what tomorrow may bring. So…pick up that phone, send a quick message, carve out an hour to see someone’s face…these moments with the people in your life are the ones you will hold on to! And bonus…not only will you make someone smile, you also might make someone’s bad day a lot better! So, tell someone you love them, tell them you miss them, tell them you appreciate them…whatever the message may be…reach out and “touch” somebody today!! ❤️



Monday Mantra! While most people dread Mondays…I have always loved them! Mondays give us the opportunity to have a fresh start, fresh focus, and a fresh attitude. So on this Monday…whatever life armor you wear…Mommy, Wife, Career Woman, etc…suit up and make this week relish in your presence! Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a Marvelous Monday!



Give me the warmth of the sun ☀️ , the touch of the sand 🏖, the smell of the salty sea 🌊 , and the love of my soul-mate ❤️…vacation begins!! As the weekend approaches, remember to make some “me time” and surround yourself with the people and activities that bring the “happy” and make you “shine!” Wherever you are in the world…have a terrific Thursday! My best, and as always…Live Happily, Be Leisurely! X❤️-Tara Rae

Unplugging in…10…9…8…7…🙅🏻‍♀️📱💻


Wednesday Wisdom! It’s very easy to look at other people and think…”Well of course they’re happy…look how lucky they are…they have the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect situation.” HERE’S THE TRUTH…we are all in control of our own happiness! We determine how we want to react when situations don’t go our way…when we are perpetually unlucky. We CHOOSE if we want to smile through the tough times. We CHOOSE if we want to look at the positive side of a cruddy situation. Again…we are in control of our own happiness! So CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY…it’s so much easier than being negative and angry about life’s little mishaps. I hope and pray on this beautiful day…that happiness finds you in every possible way!



I used to step on the scale dreading what the number might be. I would agonize about needing to lose weight, I would break myself down and pick out every inch of my body that I couldn’t stand. After I had my second little boy, something changed…a shift occurred. I started to love my body for what it was, and although it took time, I stopped comparing myself physically to others. I stopped focusing on the number on the scale, and I started focusing on becoming stronger. I began doing workouts that pushed me physically and meal plans that made me feel nourished, instead of doing diets that made me feel weak and depleted. And the stronger I became, the more confident I became in my own skin. 

Fast forward three years, and I feel better about my body and my physicality than I ever have. I can do a two minute plank series without batting an eye, I can scale walls and pull myself over those walls with my finger tips, I can climb to the top of a twenty foot rope, I can carry my boys around without being in pain the next day, and a while ago I carried a 50 inch television up a flight of stairs for my mom! These are all things that the “other Tara” couldn’t do…the “skinnier Tara.” I am not the skinniest I have ever been, but I am stronger than ever before…and feeling strong is EMPOWERING!! So don’t focus on a number on the scale, work on making your body stronger and healthier overall…the weight loss will come as a by-product of living a healthier lifestyle!



It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you are in the trenches “doing life” every day. In order to achieve your life goals, without exhausting yourself, you must create a healthy balance. When we run full-force toward a goal without maintaining balance, we will often experience burn-out and leave that goal on the table unsuccessful. So on this beautiful fall Saturday…ask yourself…what are the most important parts of my life? What could I balance better for both myself and my family? What needs to change? Whatever the answer may be…one thing is for sure, once you achieve a healthy balance within your life, your quality of life will improve drastically. Have a terrific weekend!


A daily dose of wisdom! Why do we crave the permission and approval from people that have no stake in the game?! Only we truly know what is best for ourselves…it’s your life, your children, your marriage, your career, etc. If someone disagrees with how you run your day to day, but it works fabulously for you and yours, who cares?! Stop asking for permission or looking for approval from the people that don’t really count. Focus on the people and things that matter. If you constantly live your life in a state of pleasing other people, the only thing you will find when all is said and done is the shell of the person you could have been.


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You never know what tomorrow may bring…imagine if it just took one more day to make all of your dreams come true?! Don’t let the tough days take away the day when everything will finally click into place…dig in, dig deep, and keep pushing!


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This one is pretty mind blowing…when you start to doubt yourself and when you start to compare yourself to others…REMEMBER THIS!! So many things had to happen from creation until now for you to be EXACTLY who you are meant to be!! Embrace all that is “YOU”! Be proud and confident in the person you wake up as each morning, because there is nothing more attractive than someone who is unapologetically confident in who they are…flaws and all! Have a marvelous day…take the day by storm and make the world relish in your authentic presence!


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Finally feeling a little fall in the air today…so what’s a proper fall quote without mentioning pumpkin spice?! Laughter is one of the greatest gifts we are blessed with in life. Not only is laughter healthy for your body, it is also essential to get us through the tough times life throws our way. When was the last time you really laughed…a belly-busting, nose snorting kind of laugh? You may have just surprised yourself with the answer. So in honor of fall, pumpkin spice, and everything nice…make a date with laughter! Do something that will bring on the smiles…whether that’s spending time with your favorite person, watching your favorite comedy, or reading your favorite book!


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A gentle reminder…there are so many things that we cram into our daily lives…we are raising a family, we are reaching our goals, we are working hard, we are pursuing our dreams, we are changing our lifestyles…but don’t forget…we must also listen to our bodies and minds! Take a day to refresh and recharge, take a day to “just exist”…and absolutely under no circumstances should you feel guilty about taking this time! What makes you relax…do it! Your brain and body will function more efficiently after a rest day, and you will face tomorrow’s “to do” list with a new found ferocity!


Sometimes making a change in life is hard, even if you know it’s the right change to make. Never let fear of the unknown overshadow what your life can become…you will most likely NEVER regret the positive changes you have attempted to make in life, however, you will most definitely regret all of the things that “could have been” if you didn’t believe in your strength and take that leap! Positive changes yield positive results! What changes do you need to make?


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Some evening inspiration…because we all have days that make us want to fast forward to tomorrow, but the bad days aren’t without purpose…for there is no better reward in life than having “that day,” that magical day when you feel like the world has opened it’s arms and wrapped you in a great big hug! Those are the days that replace and ink out the cruddy days…those are the days we live for!


Daily mantra! People will always have an opinion about who you are, what you’re doing, and what you should be doing…stop listening to those people!! Shut out the negative energy in your life and listen to your heart…if you want to try something, chase a dream, make a lifestyle change…do it. Be the best version of yourself on your terms…not anyone else’s!


Happy Day! Food for thought…what gift do you have that the world needs?! We all have one…some of us aren’t even aware what our natural strengths are. Find out where you naturally “shine”, share it with the people in your life, and live your best life knowing that you are using the gift you were born with!


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Morning mantra…NO EXCUSES…make yourself believe that you are meant to conquer whatever it is in life that you are contemplating doing…take that leap and believe in your ability to achieve anything!


Soul session…because one of the most important decisions we make in life are the people we choose to “do life” with. Do the people in your life encourage you, believe in you, unconditionally love you for who you are, embrace your perfections and your flaws, do they make you smile and laugh, do they make you happy…make sure you choose your team wisely, you only get one chance to play the game of life!


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Some afternoon “feels”! I think it goes without saying that we ALL want to be happy…but doing it on purpose…now that’s the difference! Listen to your inner-voice, ask yourself the question…and then run towards your happiness like your life depends on it, because a “happy” life does!


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Some morning motivation! Because let’s be honest, we can all use a little reminder to be “present” and enjoy the fleeting moments that we may miss if we aren’t looking! Put that phone down and look up at your life!