Hello There!

IMG_1516Let’s face it…life is exhausting!!!

As women and moms, we know that better than anyone! We often get so caught up in the daily grind, that we forget to give ourselves a little love too!

Be Leisurely is your lifestyle destination for all things that bring “the happy”…whether it’s a great book, a chick flick that makes you laugh out loud or cry, music that makes you get up and dance, an amazing new workout, a vacation destination, easy food recipes, beauty life hacks, or a life lesson from my daily life.

This blog is simple…if it makes you take a sliver of time for yourself and brings you joy…I’m going to tell you about it! So welcome…join me on this journey to a more leisurely life!

My Best, and As Always…Live Happily, Be Leisurely!

xoxo~ Tara Rae