Out of My Yoga Pants & Into My Comfy Casuals

Hey Momma Hey!

This leisurewear post is a must know for winter!

I am about to share with you one of the best fashion hacks that I have discovered in a long time! I recently went on a girls’ trip and while away, I loaded up my suitcase with the Comfy Casual & Chic line from Charming Charlie…an inexpensive, but flattering…super cute, but ridiculously comfortable line of clothes! Every time I wore an outfit, my friends asked where I got the pieces…the answer was always the same…Charming Charlie. Their response was also always the same…”Really?”

I live in my yoga pants and active wear on the daily. However, this clothes line has been a game-changer. It falls somewhere between casual and dressy…depending on what you pair it with.

My friends kept saying, “You could wear that to dinner, to a school event, to birthday parties, etc.” And you certainly can…this line permits endless flexibility in both comfort and fashion. And with the risk of sounding like an advertisement (no, I am not getting paid for writing this)…the prices range from under $20 to $35 a piece! Added bonus…it washes well, and the quality is good.

Ladies, check this line of clothes out! These items are like an optical illusion…I am dressed up, but super comfortable…I am out of my yoga pants, but still feel like I am wearing my yoga pants. It’s all very magical!

If you need to add some fashion flexibility pieces to your wardrobe, but you don’t want to break the bank…check out Charming Charlie’s Comfy Casual & Chic line!

Happy Shopping!

My Best, and As Always…