The Couple Next Door

Once their sweet baby girl is asleep, a young couple go to their next door neighbor’s house for a dinner party. They take their baby monitor and check on the sleeping baby every 30 minutes. When the party ends, the young couple walks through the gate they share with their neighbors and return to their home…when they go upstairs to check on their sleeping baby…a parents’ worst fear is confirmed…their precious baby girl has been kidnapped.

A good friend told me about this book, and then I began to see it EVERYWHERE…Shari Lapena’s The Couple Next Door is all over top book lists, top summer reads, books you have to read, the New York Times bestseller list, etc. So naturally, I had to see what this one was all about!

With Brian gone on business, I had the perfect opportunity to fully engulf myself in a good book! I tucked my little guys in bed, curled up with a blanket, and finished the book in two nights. It’s not only a page turner, but it’s a short read…so from the moment you crack the cover, you won’t need to worry about never having time to finish it.

And let’s be honest…how many of us have taken the baby monitor outside while our precious babes have slept inside the house? Maybe we talked to our neighbors, maybe we relaxed on the back deck, maybe we sat in the driveway, or maybe we just lounged on the front porch…the couple in the book were only steps away from their back door when their baby was stolen…so from the get go, this story is eerily relatable and captivating.

As you read the pages, your mind becomes the stage for an array of various plots and scenarios. As the book begins to unfold and the truth is revealed…there is no other word for the conclusion…it is disturbing!

Another HUGE plus about this story is that it’s not specifically aimed at women…men would also enjoy this read. What happened that night and the aftermath that follows is told from the wife’s, husband’s, and detective’s perspective, so it has something of interest for any reader who likes suspense and crime thriller novels.

SO, if you have been craving a night in with a great book…put the babies to bed, lock your doors, grab a glass of whatever, and get ready for an intense literary ride! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Have a terrific Thursday Leisurelings!


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  1. Love love love this book ! Very quick page turner! Never boring! The exact kind of book I love ❤️ thanks for the suggestion!

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