If You Don’t Know, NOW YOU KNOW…

Ladies, Mommas, Wives, Entrepreneurs…and again for good measure…ALL LADIES (although men could learn a thing or two from this woman)…this one is ALL the feels, ALL the shine, ALL the laughs, ALL the real, and ALL the happy!

I first heard about Girl, Wash Your Face, because I queried the agency for my novel that represents this amazing book! And it wasn’t shortly after, that ALL the ladies in my life were talking about the book and this incredible force for women…Rachel Hollis!

I got the book, and instantly fell in love with Rachel Hollis’s outlook on life and her honesty! I must say this again…her HONESTY is what makes this book so different from anything I have ever read. I found myself saying…”YES! YES! YES!” as I was flying through the pages, because for once someone was writing about all the things I have always wanted to say out loud! She is real, her words are true, and…to put it plainly…what she writes makes perfect sense!

Girl, Wash Your Face is a must have book…this is one that will stay on your coffee table when you are finished, and Rachel Hollis is a must have unofficial life coach…that straddles the line between therapist and a hilarious friend that is quirky and lovable!

You can get this book pretty much anywhere…I urge you to take the time for yourself to read it…it will make you think, it will make you yell out loud “That’s right! I hear you girl!,” and most importantly, you will learn some things about your self. And we could all use a little self-education, am I right?! So if you have had “a day” and you need some literary rejuvenation…wash your face, get into your jammies, and curl up with this gem of wisdom…you won’t be disappointed!

Wherever you are in the world today, have a terrific Tuesday Leisurelings!




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