Today…We Stay Home

We have ALL been there…Mommas across the world. The week was exhausting and the weekend ahead is filled to the brim with sports activities, birthday parties, and get-togethers.

Last week, we were headed out the door to  complete another day filled with things that “had” to get done…and as I was packing up the boys’ bag, for the millionth time that week, I stopped to look at my family. My youngest was throwing a minor tantrum, my oldest was leaning with his back against the couch, one hand under his chin while the other was fiddling with the shoes he was supposed to be putting on, and my husband was sitting in the chair with his hands behind his head looking up at the ceiling.

This was not an uncommon scene…in fact, this has become the norm when we have a day planned down to the minute of things we have to do. I could tell that they were exhausted…and quite frankly, I was burnt out. They needed a day, I needed a day, we ALL needed a day. So…I chucked the bag I was packing back in the closet, picked up the shoes, and said, “Today, we stay home.” That day, we got back in our pjs and had the most amazing day doing absolutely nothing…and it was glorious!

Our weekends are no longer the days of leisure, where we can sit around the house and watch television, read a good book, get little projects done, and relax. Instead, we find ourselves running ragged…as if we are charging an imaginary end zone, accept there is no prize at the end…no point earned, just a tired Mommy and Daddy and cranky babies.

When I was growing up, I remember having so many little family traditions, nothing major, but special memories to me nonetheless. Sometimes we had game nights, sometimes we cooked together, sometimes we watched movies, sometimes we made crafts…but all of these special moments were at home. Now a days…we barely get enough time at home to create these family memories.

And of course…there is always going to be activities that we have to go to and parties that we have to attend. BUT on those rare days when your “to do” list can wait…LET IT WAIT. The things will get done eventually, but the days we have at home with our babies are numbered.

So I challenge you…look at that packed calendar that we all consult on a daily basis and go ahead and “schedule” a stay-cation day. Enjoy the time-out from life with your family, shut out the outside world, and just “be”…be with you husband, be with your babies, no agenda, no plan…just your family inside your home. I promise, these little moments, these insignificant days…will be the days your babies will remember always.

My best, and as always…Live Happily, Be Leisurely! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Today…We Stay Home

  1. Love this, and completely agree!!! Some of the best, most fun moments are getting to enjoy one another at home and chill out! As a society we’ve become so accustomed to being on the go that those special traditions seem to be harder to keep. So glad you all enjoyed your time together! 💕

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