Upside Down & Inside Out

When I was a little girl and went to the circus for the first time, I was entranced by the gravity defying aerial acts…flipping around on ropes, wires, and ribbons…launching people through the air…I mean, what could be cooler?!

And finally, last night, I got to act out a childhood dream…I took my first Aerial Dance class! I had always wanted to go to a class, but quite frankly, I wasn’t so sure about it. I figured that I would spend most of the class falling on my face…but, like always when I try new things, my body pleasantly surprised me.

This type of exercise was like nothing else I have ever done! I got to stretch, swing, hang upside down, and spin (full disclosure, this Momma’s body has changed since having two kids, and I don’t do so well with motion-type activities anymore), Aerial Dance 2but this experience was well worth the dizziness at the end of class! Not only did it challenge me physically, but it also gave my body a much needed alignment and muscle stretch. Also, it’s a very “pretty” type of exercise…the poses make you feel dainty, graceful, and feminine.

And of course, having awesome ladies to try this out with is always a plus! By the end of the class, when I wrapped up inside my ribbon cocoon, I had a huge smile on my face…it’s so liberating to do new things, especially something that you have always wanted to try!

Am I going to turn into a professional Aerial Dancer? Umm, yeah no, that’s not going to happen…but for an hour last night…I pushed my body Aerial Dance 3to do things it never had before, I had a LOT of laughs, and I got to do something that was on my fitness bucket list.

So I challenge you Leasurelings…push your body and do something physical that you have ALWAYS wanted to do! What’s on YOUR fitness bucket list?! Happy Friday!



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