A Simple Favor

Stephanie receives a phone call from her best friend Emily…Emily asks her a simple favor, “Can you pick my son up from school?” Stephanie agrees, and that one simple ask from a best friend turns into a roller coaster of mystery, drama, insanity, and surprisingly, a LOT of humor!

I knew that I wanted to see this movie, because who doesn’t love Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively? So when a good friend agreed to go check it out with me, I was thoroughly excited. I thought that we were about to watch a mysterious thriller…but I have to say, this movie kept surprising me with both plot and character narrative throughout the entire 1hr and 59m showing.

How could this duo disappoint? Putting them together in a motion picture was pure genius. They seem to be in life and in this movie the perfect “ying” to the other’s “yang”. Their characters were cast and scripted flawlessly…one hilarious and quirky, the other mysterious and regal…one dressed in an explosion of Lilly Pulitzer, while the other was trimmed head to toe in couture…one an open book of innocence and honesty, the other troubled and dark.

Throughout all of the strange plot detours and revealing character flaws…there was one underlying factor…these women were Moms (yes, one was the perfect room-mom who made killer Pinterest snacks, while the other was a global corporate force who easily admitted where she lacked in the maternal category), but in the end…their children were their main focus, the reason for their existence and erratic behavior, and the glue that kept this beautifully disastrous friendship together.

And the most shocking thing about this movie…was how much we laughed. Every time it started to get a little too disturbing and serious, Anna Kendrick would light up the screen with her perfect comedic timing or her ability to make any character she plays hilariously endearing.

Ladies, if you are looking for a night out with some friends and you want to go see a movie that is, to put it simply, different than any movie I have ever seen…do yourself A Simple Favor, carve out a couple of hours from that busy life schedule and check out this film!

Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you have a Fabulous Friday!

My Best, and As Always…

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